This category is a mixed bag of important topics that all of us need to know well. The following resources are available under the Miscellaneous category. Remember to check out the 'favourite links' section in the bottom-right of the page. Click here to go back to the contents page.

PowerPoint Presentations(.ppt)

  1. Rhematoid Arthritis by Dr Sarma
  2. Gout Management by Dr Sarma
  3. Prebiotics and Probiotics by Dr Sarma
  4. Tumor Markers by Dr Sarma
  5. Syncope by Dr Sarma
  6. Fluorosis by Dr. Sarma
  7. Fluorosis and Thyroid by Dr. Sarma
  8. Fluorosis and Thyroid (handout) by Dr. Sarma
  9. Basics of Genetics by Dr. Sarma
  10. Genetic Disorders by Dr. Sarma
  11. Methylcobalamin by Dr. Sarma
  12. Methylcobalamin (print version) by Dr. Sarma
  13. Cervical Cancer Vaccine
  14. Stem Cell Research by Dr. Sarma
  15. Osteoporosis New -Update by Dr. Sarma
  16. Osteoporosis by Dr. Sarma
  17. Pneumococcal vaccine by Dr. Sarma
  18. Hypercalcemia by Dr. Sarma

AcrobatReader Documents(.pdf)

  1. Rhematoid Atrhritis Handout
  2. Gout Handout
  3. Tumour Markers-Summary
  4. Osteoporosis - Handout
  5. Osteoporosis - Comprehensive Approach
  6. Stem Cell Basics - National Institute of Health
  7. Syncope Handout by Dr Sarma
  8. Hypercalcemia

Word Documents(.doc)

  1. Cervical Cancer Vaccine
  2. Cervical Cancer Vaccine - Summary
  3. Methylcobalamin
  4. Avascular Necrosis
  5. Osteoporosis
  6. Osteoporosis - Summary
  7. Stem Cell Basics by Dr. Sarma
  8. Stem Cells - An Abstract
  9. Cord Blood FAQs
  10. Carotid IMT
  11. Dictims of Diabetes and Surgery
  12. ED = ED - An Abstract
  13. Fats table
  14. First Aid
  15. Glucosamine
  16. Hyperhydrosis
  17. Medical Web Tools
  18. Metabolic Syndrome
  19. Atypical Mole Syndrome
  20. PFT Handout
  21. Prostate
  22. PSA for Cancer Prostate
  23. Renal Cell Cancer