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The science of Medicine is ever-changing. New discoveries in medicine such as diagnostics, drugs and therapeutic options and new clinical experiences have broadened our understanding of health as well as disease. The changing lifestyles coupled with technological advances have brought us face-to-face with new challenges.

It is fortunate that we are better placed to manage our patients with an extraordinary array of therapeutic and diagnostic tools, compared to the physicians of yester times. All the same, this has placed the onus on us to unlearn some of the practices that outlasted their utility, learn to efficiently utilize the new advances and adapt ourselves to this sea of change, lest we sure become obsolete. Today, general practitioners, internists and medical students are under tremendous pressure to keep pace with these challenges. A good grounding in the diagnostics and management is mandatory.

Elaborate texts describing any topic test one’s patience and may fail to deliver the messages effectively. Instead clear, lucid and succinct multimedia presentations are chosen to present the content on common medical problems. The content is updated and international guidelines are incorporated wherever applicable. Illustrations, algorithms and tabular formats are used to drive home the messages. Some of the presentations from renowned sources are included here for easy reference by the users. These are supplemented with text documents to provide the full content to those who will be interested in details. Useful web links on the topics dealt here are also given for further exploring the subject material.

I firmly believe we are in the process of ascending the staircase of knowledge. These presentations, made available on this web site, are my toddling steps in this direction. With constructive suggestions from the viewers, we are sure to become better. Wish you a happy learning experience. Please be candid to let us know what you felt.