Welcome to DrSarma.in. This site has two main sections. The first section is on Medicine. It is designed to cater to the needs of practicing physicians, PGs, interns and medical students. The content pertains to common medical illnesses. During the student days all doctors are ‘Medical Students’. After graduation they ought to be ‘Students of Medicine’. The need to keep updated cannot be over-emphasized. Continuing Medical Education (CME) has undergone a paradigm shift. Didactic classroom lectures are replaced by hands-on workshops with emphasis on practice guidelines and practical skills. The medicine section provides just that. You will find that common topics are given thorough treatment.

The next section is on philosophy. Doctors have got to be philosophers too, to some extent. We have to handle birth, death, pain, grief and bereavement. In the process, we need skills to keep our composure and play our role effectively. My interest in philosophical literature over the past decade or so has given me an analytical look into some of our scriptural treasures. I now have a good collection of these resources which will have meaning only if they are shared with like-minded people. Friends who have seen them have encouraged me to do this. Hence, this section on philosophy.

I'm always available for anyone who wishes to use these resources in any manner. You may contact me for organizing any CME on topics of common interest. Todate I have presented in many forums on more than 140 different medical topics. I beleive that the best way of learning is by teaching.

In addition, this site in itself is the gateway for many reputed international and national medical websites. Remember to check out the links provided in each page.

Wishing you all happy navigation!