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The following is a comprehensive list of the various CMEs that I have conducted over the past few years. The download links for the PowerPoint Presentations of these CMEs are also given below. If you wish to use them in any of your works please include a reference to me and my website with due acknowlegement. I will be too pleased to know how our content is useful in your works.

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Comprehensive Review of Dengue

04th Nov 2012

Dengue Comprehensive by Dr. Sarma

Pharmacotherapy of Dyslipidemia

23rd Sep 2012

Pharmacotherapy of Dyslipidemia by Dr Sarma

Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes

09th Sep 2012

Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes by Dr Sarma

Prediabetes Dx and Rx by Dr Sarma

29th July 2012

Prediabetes Dx. and Rx. by Dr Sarma

Hb A1c as a Diagnostic Tool

29th July 2012

Hb A1c as Diagnostic Tool by Dr Sarma

Insulins in Diabetic Pregnancy

21st July 2012

Insulins in Diabetic Pregnancy by Dr Sarma

Familail Dyslipoproteinemias

24th June 2012

Familial Dyslipoproteinemias by Dr Sarma

Lipid Metabolism by Dr Sarma

24th June 2012

Lipid Metabolism by Dr Sarma

Diabetic Hypertension - targetted Rx.

12th May 2012

Diabetic Hypertension Targetted Rx

GeneXpert & New TB tests by Dr Sarma

22nd Apr 2012

GeneXpert and New Tests by Dr Sarma

Mitral Valve Prolapse - Case Discussion

19th Feb 2012

Mitra Valve Prolapse Syndrome

HbA1c for Diagnosis

19th Feb 2012

HbA1c for Diagnosis in T2DM

Erectile Dysfunction- a marker of CV Risk

12th Feb 2012

Erectile Dysfunction and CV Risk < /p>

PDA - A Case Discussion

22nd Jan 2012

PDA - Case Discussion by Dr. Sarma

Gout - Management by Dr. Sarma

20th Sept 2011

Gout Management by Dr. Sarma

Rhematoid Arthritis by Dr. Sarma

13th Sep 2011

Rhematoid Arthritis by Dr Sarma

Inhalation Rx in Asthma and COPD

24th July 2011

Inhalation Therapy by Dr. Sarma

Prebiotics and Probiotics by Dr Sarma

25th June 2011

Probiotics by Dr Sarma

NDM-1 Superbug by Dr Sarma

13th March 2011

NDM-1 Super Bug by Dr Sarma

Antibiotic Resistance by Dr Sarma

27th Feb 2011

Antibiotic Resistance by Dr Sarma

Healthy Heart -Simple Solutions

23rd Jan 2011

Healthy Heart by Dr. Sarma

Hypoglycemia Dx & Rx

23rd Jan 2011

Hypoglycemia by Dr Sarma


21st Nov 2010

Leptospirosis by Dr. Sarma

Acute Coronary Syndromes 2

03rd Oct 2010

ACS Part 2 by Dr Sarma

Acute Coronary Syndromes 1

03rd Oct 2010

ACS Part 1 by Dr. Sarma

Jaundice step by step workup

29th Aug 2010

Jaundice step by step work up by Dr Sarma

Tumour Markers

22nd Aug 2010

Tumour Markers by Dr. Sarma

Hemolytic Jaundice workup

18th July 2010

Hemolytic Jaundice by Dr Sarma

Syncope Diagnosis & Treatment

27th June 2010

Syncope by Dr. Sarma

Pneumococcal Vaccine

27th June 2010

Pneumococcal Vaccine by Dr. Sarma

Atrial Fibrillation

16th May 2010

Atrial fibrillation by Dr. Sarma

Hepatitis B - Comphehensive

21st Mar 2010

Hepatitis B Comprehensive by Dr. Sarma

Hepatitis B - Drug Treatment

21st Mar 2010

Hepatitis B Drug Rx by Dr. Sarma

Hepatitis B - Update

21st Mar 2010

Hepatitis B Update by Dr. Sarma

Hepatitis B - Questions Answers

21st Mar 2010

Hepatitis B Q & A by Dr. Sarma

Dengue Fever Updated

14th Feb 2010

Dengue Updated by Dr. Sarma

Chikungunya Updated

14th Feb 2010

Chikungunya Updated by Dr. Sarma

Heart Failure - Complete presentation

10th Jan 2010

Heart Failure - Comprehensive by Dr. Sarma

Heart Failure - Drug Treatment

10th Jan 2010

Management of Heart Failure by Dr. Sarma

Heart Failure - Clinical Presentations

3rd Jan 2010

Clinical Features of Heart Failure by Dr. Sarma

Heart Failure - Pathophysiology

3rd Jan 2010

Pathophysiology of Heart Failure by Dr. Sarma

ACEI and ARBs - Beyond BP Contol

20th Dec 2009

ACEi - Beyond BP Control by Dr. Sarma

Cardiometabolic Risk Assessment

22nd Nov 2009

CMR Assessment by Dr. Sarma

H1N1 Management of Case categories

15th Nov 2009

H1N1 Management by Dr. Sarma

H1N1 Virology, Clinical Presentation

15th Nov 2009

H1N1 Clinical Presentation by Dr. Sarma

H1N1 - For Healthcare Professionals

20th Oct 2009

H1N1 for Healthcare workers) by Dr. Sarma

A Paradigm Shift in Rx of Asthma

20th Sep 2009

Management of Asthma by Dr. Sarma

Functional Bowel Disordes (IBS, FD)

20th Sep 2009

Functional Bowel Disorders by Dr. Sarma

H1N1 - Condensed - for Doctors

29th Aug 2009

H1N1 (Condensed) by Dr. Sarma

H1N1- Comprehensive for Doctors

23rd Aug 2009

H1N1 (Comprehensive) by Dr. Sarma

Swine Flu - Basics - for public

22nd Aug 2009

Swine Flu (Basics) by Dr. Sarma

Diabetic Foot

19th July 2009

Diabetic Foot by Dr. Sarma

Dyspepsia Algorithmic Approach

28th June 2009

Dyspepsia Algorithm by Dr. Sarma

Fatty Liver - NAFLD - NASH

21st June 2009

NAFLD and NASH by Dr. Sarma

Depressive Disorders

24th May 2009

Depressive Disorders by Dr. Sarma

Hypercalcemia - Management

24th May 2009

Hypercalcemia by Dr. Sarma

Differential Diagnosis of Polyuria

19th April 2009

DD of Polyuria by Dr. Sarma

Osteoporosis New Update

16th Nov 2008

Osteoporosis New Update by Dr. Sarma

LDL, Statins and Beyond

19th Oct 2008

LDL Statins and Beyond by Dr. Sarma

Community Acquired Pneumonia

21st Sep 2008

Community Acquired Pneumonia by Dr. Sarma

Diabetic Hypertension

10th Aug 2008

Diabetic Hypertension by Dr. Sarma

Quiz on Cardio-metabolic Risk (CMR)

3rd Aug 2008

Quiz on CMR by Dr. Sarma

Therapeutic Life Style Change & CMR

3rd Aug 2008

TLC and CMR by Dr. Sarma

Endothelial Dysfunction, HT and CMR

27th July 2008

ED, HT and CMR by Dr. Sarma

Metaboilc Syndrome and CMR

20th July 2008

Metabolic Syndrome by Dr. Sarma

Diabetes and CMR

6th July 2008

Diabetes and CMR by Dr. Sarma


15h June 2008

Dyspepsia by Dr. Sarma

Vascular Protection in Diabetes

27th April 2008

Vascular Protection in Diabetes by Dr. Sarma

Peripheral Arterial Disease

16th March 2008

Peripheral Arterial Disease by Dr. Sarma

Deep Venous Thrombosis

16th March 2008

Deep Venous Thrombosis by Dr. Sarma

Exercise Treadmill Testing

17th Feb 2008

Exercise Treadmill Testing by Dr. Sarma

Illustative ECG - Clinical Approach

25th Nov 2007

Illustrative ECG by Dr. Sarma

Diabetic Dyslipidemia

10th Nov 2007

Diabetic Dyslipidemia by Dr. Sarma

Approach to the Diagnosis of Vertigo

21st Oct 2007

Approach to the Diagnosis of Vertigo

Aneamia diagnosis and management

20th Sept 2007

Anemia Diagnosis and Management

Approach to the Diagnosis of Anemia

19th August 2007

Algorithmic Approach to Anemia

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

15th July 2007

Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Dr. Sarma


15th July 2007

Insomnia by Dr. Sarma

Gestational Diabetes

28th June 2007

Gestational Diabetes by Dr. Sarma

Staging and management of CKD

17th June 2007

Chronic Kidney Disease by Dr. Sarma

Oral Anti Diabetic Drugs

20th May 2007

Diabetes Rx by Dr. Sarma

Resurgence of Diphtheria

20th May 2007

Diphtheria by Dr. Sarma

ABCD Approach to Rx. of Hypertension

22nd April 2007

Treatment of Hypertension by Dr. Sarma

Understanding of Genetic Diseases

7th April 2007

Genetic Disorders by Dr. Sarma

Basic Medical Genetics

6th April 2007

Genetics-Basics by Dr. Sarma

Algorithm for DD of Jaundice

18th March 2007

Concepts of Jaundice by Dr. Sarma

Hepatitis B, A and C Dx. and Rx.

18th March 2007

Hepatitis A,

Hepatitis B,

Hepatitis C

Stem Cell Research

21st Jan 2007

Stem Cell Research by Dr. Sarma

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

21st Jan 2007

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Understanding of Type 2 Diabetes

17th Dec 2006

Diabetes by Dr. Sarma,

Type 2 DM Q and A

CAD - Risk Approach

19th Nov 2006

CHD Risk Approach by Dr. Sarma

Respiratory physiology

20th October 2006

Respiratory Physiology by Dr. Sarma

Chikungunya Fever

24th Sept 2006

Chikungunya by Dr. Sarma

Dengue Fever

24th Sept 2006

Dengue Fever by Dr. Sarma

Hypothyroidism Dx. and Rx.

17th Sept 2006

Hypothyroidism by Dr. Sarma

Hyperthyroidism Dx. and Rx.

17th Sept 2006

Hyperthyroidism by Dr. Sarma

Artemisinin Rx for Falciparum Malaria

20th August 2006

Falciparum Malaria by Dr. Sarma

Approach to the Dx. Of Anaemia

20th August 2006

Anaemia Comprehensive by Dr. Sarma

Anxiety Disorders - Dx. And Rx.

9th July 2006

Anxiety Disorders by Dr. Sarma

Treatment of Malaria

7th July 2006

Malaria Simple by Dr. Sarma

Arterial Stiffness as Marker of CV Risk

18th June 2006

Arterial Stiffness by Dr. Sarma

Endothelial Dysfunction - CV Risk

27th May 2006

Endothelial Dysfunction

Treatment of Dyslipidemias

23rd April 2006

Dyslipidemia Dx. and Rx.

Coronary Artery Disease in Indians

23rd April 2006

CAD in Indians by Dr. Sarma

Computer and Internet use for Doctors

31st March 2006

Live Internet Demonstartion

Management of Bronchial Asthma

26th March 2006

Asthma by Dr. Sarma

CADI - A Quiz

26th March 2006

CADI Quiz,

CAD in Indians by Dr. Sarma

Mangement Bronchial Asthma

19th March 2006

Asthma by Dr. Sarma

Natural History of HIV and AIDS

8th January 2006

HIV and AIDS by Dr. Sarma

Glucose Regulation

29th Dec 2005

Glucose Regulation by Dr. Sarma

Endemic Fluorosis in India

28th Dec 2005

Fluorosis by Dr. Sarma

PFT for Clinicians

30th October 2005

Spirometry for Clinicians by Dr. Sarma

Cerebral Thrombosis

28th August 2005

Cerebral Thrombosis

Hypothyroid lady

28th August 2005

Hypothyroid lady

Osteoblastoma of Pelvis

28th August 2005


Premature CADI

28th August 2005

Premature CAD

Reccurent Renal Stones

28th August 2005

Reccurent Renal Stones

Traumatic Splenic Rupture

28th August 2005

Splenic Rupture

Anaemia and prostrate and other cases

28th August 2005

Anaemia and Prostrate,

Anaemia and Prostrate

ECG for Practitioners

29th June 2005

ECG Illustrated by Dr. Sarma

Choice of Drugs for Hypertension

20th May 2005

Hypertension Drugs Comparision

Metabolic Syndrome

23rd April 2005

Metabolic Syndrome by Dr. Sarma

Nine Square Game - Thyroid Dx.

1st April 2005

Thyroid Disease by Dr. Sarma

GINA Guidelines for Bronchila Asthma

6th Feb 2005

Asthma by Dr. Sarma

Rabies Vaccine - WHO Guidelines

6th Feb 2005

Rabies WHO Guide

Practical Tips for First Aid

18th January 2005

First Aid

Dx. and Management of Dyslipidemia

26th Dec 2004

Dyslipidemia update by Dr. Sarma

Clinical Approach to Hypertension

18th Dec 2004

Hypertension Rx.,

HT Treatment Guide

Gold Guidelines for COPD

12th Dec 2004

COPD by Dr Sarma

Fluorosis and Thyroid Function

19th Nov 2004

Fluorosis and Thyroid by Dr. Sarma

Easy Interpretaion of ECG

7th Nov 2

004 ECG by Dr. Sarma for Print,

ECG Illustrated

Spot light on Methycobalamin

15th October 2004

Methycobalamin by Dr. Sarma

Simple Solutions for a Healthy Heart

4th October 2004

Cardiovascular Health by Dr. Sarma

Self Assessment Quiz on Hypertension

19th Sept 2004

Hypertension Test,

Hypertension Key

Osteoporosis - A Hidden Hazard

14th July 2004

Osteoporosis by Dr. Sarma

Diagnosis and Management of ACS

24th March 2004

IHD Dx. and Rx. By Dr. Sarma

Management of Dyslipidemias

27th Dec 2003

Lipids Explained by Dr. Sarma

MMR - An Update

10th October 2003

MMR Update by Dr. Sarma

Abnormal Lipids

29th Sep 2003

Lipids Simple by Dr. sarma

Homocysteine - a CV Risk Factor

21st Sept 2003

Homocysteine by Dr. Sarma

Hb A1c - Diabetes Monitoring

19th August 2003

Hb A 1c by Dr. Sarma

A Review on Metformin

21st June 2003

Metformin by Dr. Sarma

Global SARS

19th April 2003

Global SARS by Dr. Sarma

Coronary Artery Disease in Women

15th March 2003

CAD in Women by Dr. Sarma

Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

7 th January 2003

Insulin Resistance by Dr. Sarma

Overview of Diabetes

4th January 2003

Diabetes by Dr. Sarma